Exploring You as Learner & Leader


Exploring You as Learner & Leader aligns to the Common Core Standards and trains the whole student by empowering them to become the leader of their life, learning and career. The students will hone in their leadership style, skills and principles to become the greatest version of themselves. Whether your looking to be prepared and college ready, develop your skills for a future career, enhance your ability to grow and sustain healthy relationships or lead your life through critical thinking, good decision making and healthy thinking, Exploring You as Learner and Leader is for you.

Everyone is a leader at best we are required to lead ourself if we want to find success and significance on the earth. Leadership is a word that has been around for forever and yet the word continues to take on new forms because of how rapidly new generations change the priority of society. Our world will continue to change through the acceleration of technology, artificial intelligence and innovation and we will always be in need of global leaders and responsible citizens.

What does leadership look like in a 21st century world? How do new generations adapt to lasting principles that have forever set people into the place of success? What does it mean to be a leader? These are just a few of 100s of questions we will shed light on through Exploring You as Learner and Leader.

This class trains and advances the learners ability grasp the life changing power of finding meaning in life, how experiences are the standard for a fun and meaningful life, the power of words, thoughts, actions and silence, how understanding your identity will unlock your assignment, what a contributing leader looks like and how to set your life up for constant transformation.

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