Develop Yourself: Passion & Purpose


Develop Yourself: Passion & Purpose aligns to the Common Core Standards and trains the whole student to understand themselves, their passions, discover and create a path while defining their personal purpose. As the student develops themselves socially and emotionally they will learn how they fit into our changing and competitive economy. Whether it be college or career pathways, the student will learn critical skills such as how to make good decisions, creating healthy and lasting relationships, have self esteem and value, how to be inspired while they learn, attain success that matters, seize opportunities, create strategy and invest into themselves on an ongoing basis for personal growth by asking the right questions in life.
This class trains and advances the learner’s ability to understand and be equipped with the leadership skills and practices needed for a global, innovative and 21st-century world. Develop Yourself will assist your student in improving their skills, confidence, and preparation to be invited into an innovative and fast paced global economy and world. To know thyself is the beginning of personal purpose.
Our learning experience is a hybrid of the cognitive and emotional learning needed to create and build the whole child so they can know their purpose, strengths and understand their personal direction in life.

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