Purpose Prep creates an environment where students are challenged to grow through personal development and social engagement.

We firmly believe that targeting the whole child leads to a healthier, safer and more productive student. A strong foundation in core subjects remains vital for each student but, by itself, is insufficient for lifelong success. By providing students with challenging and engaging academic programs we're able to better prepare them for further education, home-life and entering the workforce. It's only when we successfully pair traditional academics with student-focused courses that we're able to fully educate the whole child.

Middle School Courses

As middle school students prepare to transition into high school they need to learn and develop life skills that build grit, organization and prioritization. Purpose Prep teaches the student how to learn more about themselves and how to relate to others.

High School Courses

Each student must find their own path to success as they graduate high school. Our courses take each student on a journey to discover who they are and how to become the best version of themselves as they transition to college or the workforce.


Staff Courses

Our online courses and on-site workshops provide professional development opportunities that will re-enegize your teachers and build excitement for a new school year. Teachers will refocus their motivation, learn new disciplines and identify fresh techniques to be more effective in the classroom.

What funding options are available for Purpose Prep courses? 
  • Local At-Risk State Funding (Ex. Michigan Section 31A)
  • Federal Title 1 Funds
  • Restorative Practice Budgets
  • General Budget Funds
  • Federal and State Funding Programs
  • Grant and Scholarship Initiatives

Purpose Prep’s competitive pricing and simple on-boarding allow you to quickly get courses out to your students.

We understand that schools need to move quickly when identifying and deploying new programs and curriculum. Contact our team today to start equipping your students with life skills for academic success.

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